Beyoncè Interested In Buying Stake In Houston Rockets 

It looks like you may start seeing Queen Bey at more Houston Rockets games. Word on the street is the superstar is interested in becoming part of an ownership group to bid on her hometown team, according to USA Today!
In July, the Rockets announced that owner Leslie Alexander (who bought the franchise in 1993 for $85 million), was selling the team because he’s “looking at changing the fabric of his life.” Though this is the first time Bey would own a stake in a NBA team, she isn’t new to the ownership game as Jay Z once had a stake in the Brooklyn Nets. He later sold his share to become a certified sports agent and expand his growing empire with Roc Nation Sports.

This could be yet another great business move for the Carters in the long run. The franchise is currently valued at $1.65 billion by Forbes. Though Bey isn’t looking to be a majority stake holder, with rumors involving a possible Carmelo Another trade and the new addition of Chris Paul, the Rockets are looking like a good investment!

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