Bobby Valentino Files A Warrant Against His Transgender Accuser ‘Reima Houston’

Bobby Valentino is fed up with his reputation being dragged through the mud after video of him fleeing a transgender woman’s apartment went viral.
Now he’s taking actions into his own hands.
The R&B singer is taking back control of the situation. Bobby V and his legal crew are reportedly seeking a warrant against Reima Houston for extortion.

The singer alleges Houston tried to extort him for $2,000. Gossip site Famelous obtained the official warrant request, which claims the transgender model demanded money in exchange for not leaking the video online. Clearly Bobby V didn’t oblige.


In a previous statement, the singer’s reps claimed Bobby was “victimized and threatened,” but the way Houston tells it, she is the actual victim in this situation. Houston spoke exclusively with, in which she dished on what really went down between the two of them in her apartment. 
Houston claims that Bobby allegedly approached her in the club about a potential opportunity. Interested, Houston invited him back to her residence to discuss the job in further detail.
Things grew awkward when Bobby allegedly began undressing himself during their meeting. “It was very much manipulative,” she said.
Instead of extortion however, Houston said the only threat that was made came from Bobby’s mouth, concerning what would happen if the video were to leak. Houston has acknowledged that she is aware of the warrant that has been filed. She also confirmed that she is “absolutely” ready to lawyer up as well. So it looks like the saga will continue in court on August 25.

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