Brandy Sparks Pregnancy Rumours After She’s Spotted With A Bulging Tummy

Rumours of pregnancy have trailed Brandy for months now though she denied it vehemently and her daughter joined to quell the rumours. However, new photos seem to suggest she might actually be pregnant. Or is it just food?
The R&B singer Brandy was seen sporting a pregnant belly in New York City on Monday. Asides her bulging tummy, her face also looked swollen and oily. According to reports, she found out she’s pregnant for her ex-boyfriend, a recording artist known as Sir The Baptist, after they broke off amid rumours he was cheating. 
In May, she sparked pregnancy rumours when she posted a photo of herself to Instagram with what appeared to be a protruding belly and she captioned it, “I can finally see you in me.” Fans and friends immediately started congratulating her but her 14-year-old daughter, Sy’rai Iman Smith, stepped in to refute the claims about her superstar mother.

My mother is not pregnant,” she captioned a Snapchat post. “I’m not gonna have any more siblings. I like being an only child. Thank you lord. She just ate chocolate cake and pancakes everyday. I was there.”
Brandy also addressed the rumours by changing her Twitter bio.

However, weeks after her denial, Brandy collapsed on a plane in June thereby reviving the pregnancy rumours which later died naturally. Her recent photos have started the rumours again and Brandy is yet to react.

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