Brave Policeman in Owerri Bank Robbery Video Died Two Months Later of Gunshot Injuries

A policeman who confronted a group of armed robbers that attacked a Zenith Bank branch in Owerri, sadly, died two months later from injuries sustained during the robbery, the police have revealed.
The police also revealed that his name was Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko, an officer with the Mobile Police Squad.
The CCTV video that has since gone viral showed how Iboko shot at the car used by the robbers as soon as they entered the bank premises. Four men armed with AK47 assault rifles emerged from the car shooting indiscriminately and forcing people who were standing at the entrance of the bank to flee.
Shots rang out from the security post at the bank’s entrance, shattering the car windows. An occupant of the car shot back. One of the robbers, who had tried to attack the occupant of the security post, was instantly shot dead.
Iboko later emerged from the security post shooting and running to take cover. One of the robbers followed and shot at him. The robbers later retreated with what looked like a bag containing money they reportedly collected from a customer whom they had trailed to the bank.
The Imo State Police Command said that Iboko died two months later while receiving treatment at an intensive care unit from injuries he sustained during the firefight.
The spokesperson for the command, Andrew Enwerem, explained that two other policemen were in the security post during the shootout and also sustained gunshot injuries.
“They were in intensive care for up to two months. The two survived but Iboko died. He was a sergeant and mobile policeman,” Enwerem said.
After the video went viral, Nigerians have been wondering what became of the Iboko since the CCTV video did not show what happened after the robbers had escaped.
People have called on the police authorities to recognise and honour him. Sadly the best he can get now is a posthumous recognition and compensation to his family.

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