Cameran & Devonte, basketball Players dies same night

17-year-old Cameran Wheatley, a senior at Breman High School in Midlothian, Ill., traveled to Chicago with the basketball team for a game against Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, ABC7 reported.

Report has it that, Cameran Wheatley collapsed during the game and was immediately transported to Christ Hospital, with an EMT performing CPR, but he was pronounced dead on Tuesday.

As if that sad news wasn’t enough, Devonte Mumphrey, a student at Alto High School, in Texas, was also reported to have collapsed during the second quarter of a basketball game against Mount Enterprise on Tuesday.

All attempt to revive the athlete were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead at a local hospital, MSN News reports.

With two communities mourning the sudden deaths of their children and champion,what could be the cause of their death?

Students who learned about the tragic death of Cameran Wheatley, from their teachers on Wednesday said, “He worked hard at basketball. I feel bad for him cause he’s only 17,” said Joey Chicocki, a student.

Breman High School’s principal said in a statement “We are extremely saddened by the loss of our student-athlete. He has been a great role-model in every sense and he will be missed.”

The Alto Independent School District has released a statement on its Facebook page, calling Devonte Mumphrey’s death a “tragic loss” and providing “Grief counselors and local pastors” for students and staff.

Both families claimed that the teenagers did not have pre-existing medical conditions.

What then could have caused the death of Cameran Wheatley and Devonte Mumphrey?

Stay with us as we bring you more updates.

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