Carl Craig Honored On ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’

Carl Craig, 68 year old, who passed away on January 8, 2022, was a beloved and honored professional in Hollywood. This real husbands of Hollywood season, which returned on February 10 on BET+, has dedicated it to him. He is being called a “friend, brother, and producer”.

Craig was born in Tallahassee, Florida and raised in Baton Rouge, La. He left to study engineering at the University of Rochester in New York, but ultimately caught the acting bug while in college. He graduated with a degree in English/Drama and made the move to New York City soon after.

Craig’s friendship with actors who are now directors Robert Townsend and Richard Cummings Jr. was planted in those early days. These three friends combined efforts in 1987 to create the breakthrough satirical hit comedy Hollywood Shuffle. Carl Craig soon moved to Los Angeles where his career as producer in film and television grew exponentially making him one of the most sought after and influential producers working in Hollywood today.

He produce several projects including an HBO special that received an ACE Award and an NAACP Image award for Best Producer. He also tried his hand in producing music videos and in so doing, worked with some of hip hop’s most impactful artists like Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, and Ice Cube. He eventually returned to producing feature films, putting out “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka,” “Mo Money,” “House Party 3,” and  “The Players Club”.

We can go on and on telling you about the achiements of Carl Craig. But, the worst happened in June 2021, Craig received the news about his stage 4 inoperable pancreatic cancer diagnosis. At the time, He had developed a bacterial blood infection from which he was never able to fully recover.

He is survived by his wife of over 38 years, Angela Fong and three daughters: Kai, Taylor and Jordan as well as three grandchildren: Rain, Ryder, and Prince and several relatives and friends.

Upon his passing on, there were some comments made on the post.

Read some of their comments below:

King David (@KingDavidFilms) January 9, 2022 So sad to hear the passing of #CarlCraig. A comic filmmaking producer and a funny great guy! I had the honor of him producing one of the projects I directed. We had a wild fun time! Thanks for the laughter and memories. Rest in paradise Carl

Johanie Taylor (@JohanieT) January 10, 2022 You mentored me when I first moved to la. Even gave me my first speaking role on Real Husbands of Hollywood when I first moved here. He was a good man, a flash light for myself & many. You will be missed old friend. But eternally loved. Rest Easy #carlcraig ??❤️ 

Rob Morrow (@RobMorrow_) January 9, 2022 RIP the great #CarlCraig we went into battle shooting season 2 of #gamespeopleplay budget was cut, Covid, but Carl always there to pull us through w/knowledge, insight, warm smile, his sweet spirit. When all seemed hopeless he’d pull a rabbit out of a hat. I will miss you, kid. 

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