Carl Crawford Allegedly Dumped Evelyn Lozada Because She’s A Golddigger 

Evelyn Lozada and her baby daddy Carl Crawford has called it quits after four years.

They have been living completely separate lives for almost a year. Crawford recently took a family trip minus Evelyn and their son.

Of course there are several rumors on why the couple decided to end their engagement. Now a report claims that Crawford’s​ family convinced him that Evelyn was a golddigger and only wanted him for his money.
Evelyn and Carl’s relationship problems stem from gold digging and cheating. However, one person is not to blame for the downfall.

The former MLB player reportedly got cold feet once he realized how the marriage could affect his financial status. Carl’s money would have become “Evelyn and Carl’s money” if he tied the not. Apparently, that wasn’t something he was looking forward to. Then, to make matters worse, there were already rumors about Evelyn’s alleged gold digging ways. “Reportedly, Carl got cold feet when he realized “forever” with Evelyn meant half his money if marriage didn’t work out.
The couple got engaged back in December of 2013. Reports circulated last year saying Carl’s teammates’ wives called Evelyn out as a ‘gold digger.’” Things also got a bit more complicated when the two discussed the possibility of a prenuptial agreement. Insiders claim it wasn’t something Carl wanted. “Subsequently, Carl refused to sign prenup papers.”

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