Chaplain Sacked And Evicted By Governor Ambode Gets 5 Free Furnished Apartment

Less than 48 hours after Venerable Femi Taiwo, Chaplain evicted by the Lagos State Governor, Akinwumi Ambode , from his official quarters, the cleric has been blessed with a fully furnished apartment.
Taiwo, who was sacked without any query or official reason, was ordered to exit his official quarters where he lived with his wife and two children within 24 hours after he allegedly angered the governor’s wife, Bolanle Ambode.

The PUNCH, on Friday, had reported that Venerable Femi Taiwo was sacked and ordered to vacate his official residence within 24 hours, a day after the wife of the governor, Bolanle Ambode, stormed out of the church during an anointing service.

Mrs. Ambode was said to have been unhappy that the priest did not accord her due recognition by anointing her before the other congregants. Members of the church were said to have filed out to receive anointing oil during the service without any preference given to Bolanle, who reportedly waited endlessly with her entourage.
Chapel of Christ the Light is under the control of the Lagos State Ministry of Home Affairs but the Office of the Lagos State First Lady supervises the church.
Pleas from church leaders and elders had failed to save the cleric, who still had two years to spend as the presiding chaplain.
New reports in say Taiwo has now settled into a new and furnished accommodation provided by members of his congregation.
Taiwo told Punch that he got five offers of apartment from different members of the African church congregation.
A source disclosed that church members who were angered and touched by the way the priest was treated decided to help the cleric and his family.

“Apart from the apartment he moved to, he got four offers of apartment from different members of the African church congregation,”

the source said.

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