Cheating: The Ice Prince, Maima & Akinbode Love Triangle

Presently, Oleku crooner, Ice Prince Zamani is a very messy triangle with cheating rumors flying everywhere about his beautiful girlfriend Maima Kweku.  You know what they say about Yoruba boys right, I don’t want to repeat it here 😀

Ice Prince

So anyways, Akinbode, an Abuja big boy, shared some photos on his Instagram alleging that he was Maima’s man/ sugar daddy before Ice Prince even entered the picture and that he was very much still relevant in that game. From sources that know Akinbode, it was alleged that even Maima parents knows about him as he was their main sponsor when Maima was in Ghana.

Serious allegations, I know right, and the most absurd thing is that Mr Akinbode is married, yes, married with kids. Who does that? Which married man openly cheats and claims his mistress for all and sundry without actually caring if his wife knows about it or not?

I mean, cheating on his own is bad, like extremely bad, why marry when you know you can’t be loyal, this applies to both male and female. Why commit to someone when you know you will fling it in their face, poke your …. whenever you see available holes? Who does that?

The way the Nigerian society claims cheating, its almost becoming as normal as breathing in air, that is why Mr Akinbode will stupidly claim someone’s else girlfriend as his mistress without considering the feelings of his wife. Obviously when he begs, she would take him, the useless faggot! Cheaters needs to be exposed and sentenced to some horrible place worse than jail. If you can’t commit and be faithful, do not get married! Its not that hard. And as for the useless girls that open up their bodies for these married men,the devil is patiently stoking and caring for the fire place you will be in. Women are obviously their own enemies, you know a man is married and you stay, looking for what? Bags, Clothes, Red Bottoms, The Good Life, Money, Vacays and all those stupid things that make them look haggard later on and open up an Instagram shop later on selling human hair and makeup. Some girls even do it just for the sex and the power they feel they have over a married man.

I know I am ranting, I didn’t plan this post to be like this but heck…

Can we all just love ourselves and be our brother’s keeper, please?

This article was meant to be about Ice Prince and how he is still defending Maima, but I will leave it just like this #RespectStill

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