Couple ‘Niko & Phil’ Chose Their Dogs As Maid Of Honor And Best Man 

The job of choosing a best man or maid of honor can lead many people to reflect on who the most important people in their lives are. For Emma-Leigh and Shane Matthews, those people were actually dogs. 

So the couple made their malamutes best man and maid of honor at their wedding, The Huffington Post reports. Niko and Phil showed up to the big event, tore up the dance floor, and posed for photos right with the bride, groom, bridesmaid, and groomsmen.

It took a while for Emma-Leigh and Shane to find a venue that would allow dogs, but they ended up getting married in a Cumbria, England mansion. Niko and Phil came a day early with the couple. 

“The dogs were part of every part of the wedding and didn’t really leave our side,”

 Emma-Leigh told The Huffington Post. Phil was also the wedding’s videographer: He wore a GoPro on his collar to capture footage of the event.

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