Davido Absent, As Peace Agreement Between The Adelekes And Momodus Is Signed

According to The Sun, the families of David “Davido” Adeleke and Sophia Momodu have decided to settle things amicably and keep further details of their domestic dispute offline by signing a peace agreement.


Things were settled in a meeting attended by Sophia, Davido’s father – Deji Adeleke, Mr. and Mrs. Dele Momodu, the Adeleke’s lawyer, counsel to Dele Momodu, Gbolaga Ajayi, Mr. Ajayi Famakinwa, and NAPTIP’s representa­tives, with Davido conspicuously absent.

According to reports, at the meeting, it was decided that the issue be resolved amicably and that both families should stop the ongoing media war.Consequently, both sides were made to sign an agreement to stop the media face-off. Following the meeting, NAPTIP’s reps advised the Adeleke’s to have access to baby Imade. This certainly means that they, NAPTIP, also came to the conclusion that Sophie Momodu is unfit to care solely for baby Imade.

But what do I know 🙂

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