Dear Pepsi,

I am a very big consumer of Pepsi, especially when the #LongThroat campaign was launched, so I feel like I have a personal stake in the company by being a consumer.

I am sure everyone has heard about the whole Wizkid Vs Linda Ikeji saga and saw all the absurdities Wizkid wrote just to get back at Linda Ikeji for simply doing her job i.e Telling people that the house Wizkid supposedly bought in 2013 was in actual fact a rented apartment and he has been given quit notice. Obviously, I know anyone who always want to portray a clean face outside would be angry about the unveiling of their ‘bum’ for everyone to see, but Wizkid, who is supposed to be a brand ambassador for Pepsi took it too far.

linda ikeji wizkid fight

  1. He insulted not just Linda Ikeji, but her mother who had absolutely nothing to do with the post. He showed through his comments that he was simply a male chauvinist and had absolute disregard for women, and to him all women are whores who f**ks around and have smelling p***y.
  2. If Linda Ikeji was a married lady, would he have spewed all those crap, would he have said same thing to Uche Pedro, if that news was posted on BellaNaija. Obviously he wouldn’t have. That’s why he had the guts to say she was married to her laptop and can’t get a good man. What kind of marriage-shaming is that?
  3. Wizkid should be sued for libel, except he can provide the director, Linda Ikeji slept with and confirmed to him that her private parts were smelling, or did he smell it himself? You don’t go around like a small-minded secondary school boy telling everyone that a lady has done this or that just because you are looking for a way to insult her.
  4. Its only in Nigeria where you threaten someone and still go scot-free like nothing happened. Wizkid legit said he would get someone to beat Linda Ikeji up, if he set his eyes on her. A man threatening a woman publicly, and nothing would be done about it, is this the type of society we live in now?

It is very disturbing that some people think Wizkid is right for doing what he did, women included, and nobody has even come forward to say anything about it. I understand a lot of people might not fancy Linda Ikeji, but she is a lady, a lady that has done quite well for herself and is trying her very best to be a role model to our young girls by pushing them in the right direction with her ‘self-made’ program.  How do we expect a change in this country when we are so backward in our thinking and think any successful lady that isn’t married can easily be insulted and called a ‘whore’.

We need to change our mindsets. It begins with us.

Libs Of ORC

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0 thoughts on “Dear Pepsi, Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Need To #DropWizkid

  1. It is really disturbing that our ambassadors in this society are not who we can really Call ROLE MODELS.
    More disturbing is that the brands that work with these individuals have no standards whatsoever that their ambassadors are expected to follow.
    It’s the society we have found ourselves and the society we must make better

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