Depressed ‘Swathi’ Throws Her Daughter From The 3rd Floor Of A Building, Twice

Swathi, 36, killed her seven-year-old differently-abled daughter by throwing her twice from their rented flat on the third floor at Jaraganahalli in JP Nagar on Sunday afternoon. 

According to witnesses, the girl survived the initial fall with serious injuries but succumbed after her mother rushed down, scooped her up and went back up to their flat only to throw her down once again in front of petrified neighbours. 
Residents of the area rounded up the woman and tied her to an electric pole before police arrived at the scene and took her into custody. The accused was working as a teacher till about two years ago and had separated from her husband.
Police claimed that the woman seemed mentally disturbed and told them that her daughter was restless and she decided to throw her down to calm her. According to police, the deceased girl was suffering from speech impediment and Swathi was desperately trying to make her speak. 
She used to take her daughter on evening and morning walks on a daily basis in the neighbourhood. Swathi’s husband claimed that she used to constantly harass their daughter. Police have registered a case and are expected to subject the accused to psychiatric evaluation as part of the investigation.

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