Did Obama Leaked The Gender Of Jay Z & Beyoncé’s Twins?

The Bey Hive is currently in a state of emergency and it’s all because of President Obama. Amid rumors that Beyoncé is either in labor or already gave birth to Blueprint 1 & 2, Barry O might have let it slip the gender of the Carter twins.
Thursday Barry O gave a pre-recorded speech about his pal Jay Z for his Songwriters Hall of Fame induction. And during the touching tribute, he made an interesting statement about his daughters—and Hov’s.
“Jay and I are both fools for our daughters,” said Obama. “Even though he’s going to have me beat once those twins show up.”
“Have me beat???” Does that mean that there are two baby Beys on the way???
Folks are of course having conniptions about Obama’s statement and they’re CERTAIN that he slipped up and confirmed that Beyonce’s having twin girls.
Do YOU think POStT revealed that Bey’s having twin girls???

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