Diddy House Gate trespassed by Isaiah Smalls

Diddy house gate was trespassed by a 23-year-old, Isaiah Smalls, who has been arrested for trespassing and flying over Diddy’s fence.

According to TMZ, he showed up at his L.A. estate and began pounding on the security gate. He eventually hopped over it when he wasn’t attended to on time.

Apparently, Isaiah Smalls did this because, he is a musician and he wants to make hits with him. He decided to shoot his shot by hopping the fence to play him a demo.

Report has it that Diddy wasn’t home at the time, and his security had refused to let him. After he took matters into his own hands by jumping over the fence, the guards quickly detained him and called the cops.

After his arrest, he was released from custody less than an hour later.

Funny how crazy things happen right? What do you think?

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