OK I was listening to a popular radio station last Friday night, and then a text came in from a Nigerian wife and mother of 2 lovely kids.. Guess what? Her hubby caught her cheating with her lover. Hmmmm…..

The part that got me all shocked was the conditions he set for her. He told her she had to cut her hair. Yes!! i mean she has to rock low cut for the next 4 years. Oh guys you think that’s all? Nah!

She was also instructed to dress in male clothes for the next 4 years.. Am talking of jeans, t-shirts, polo and  male shirts.. the hubby said she can’t wear skirts, dresses, make-ups and all girlish stuffs.


She claimed to be an ex beauty queen.. Alright try and decode that *winks*. she’s confused right now and doesn’t know what to do.  OK people, lets hear your views. Should she stay and cope for the next 4 years or should she file for a divorce?

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0 thoughts on “Dilemma of A Wife Caught Cheating

  1. Ooops, perhaps her hubby is only trying to test her remorse….will she be humble enough to accede. Perhaps, he will surely change his mind in the passage of time

  2. There are better ways to handle this. What’s most important is talking things out thoroughly like what led her to cheat on him. If that’s sorted out, then next thing is if she’s truly sorry.

    Cutting her hair or wearing male clothing won’t sort it out. That’s mediocre. A very beautiful woman can’t be hidden under these low haircut, male clothing and no makeups *winks*

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