Virginia Mother, Dorothy Annette Clements, Charged With Murder After 4-Year-Old Son Dies

Dorothy Annette Clements, a 30 year old Virginia woman, has been charged with murder after her 4 year old son died from eating THC gummies that were within reach. The sad incident happened earlier in May this year and Dorothy Annette Clements was just charged this Wednesday with murder and child neglect

Dorothy Annette Clements

According to the authorities, Dorothy failed to get help fast enough after she found her son unresponsive, the little boy died two days after. However, he could have survived, if he was brought in to the hospital fast enough.

Dorothy Annette Clements did say she called poison control immediately the incident happened and they told her son would be fine. The little ingested a large amount of CBD gummies and his toxicity level showed a high level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Medical experts believe that Tanner Clements, consumed a product marketed as containing Delta-8, which showed up as THC in his system

“The attending doctor told Detectives that if medical intervention occurred shortly after ingestion, it could have prevented death,” the police said. Dorothy Annette Clements was arrested Oct 20th, and she is currently being held at Rappahannock Regional Jail

Sad story, I really hope the mother gets to forgive herself

Libs of ORC

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