Drake Denies Instagram Model Pregnancy Allegations 

Instagram model Layla Lace came out to state that Drake has been avoiding  her after he learnt he impregnated her. 

But it’s interesting to note that Layla Lace has removed all the traces of the allegations from her IG. Who knows if this was a result from a series of threats from Drake’s camp. 

Well,  Drake insists that all allegations are false and that he has never met the woman. 

But Drake’s team has also insisted that they never reached out to Layla Lace  or even threatened her after her allegations. They believe she did it for the attention and when she finally got it, there was no need to keep up with it.  So, she deleted all her write-ups. She even made her IG account private. 

Click to read up on her initial claims/allegations : https://onerandomchick.com/2017/04/18/lady-claims-to-be-pregnant-for-drake/

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