Everything For The Papers: Arrangee Marriages & Its Consequences

Recently I have been hearing lots of stories, bad stories, concerning arrangee marriages. Arrangee in the sense of getting married to a citizen of another country, just so that you can become a citizen also. People have been doing it, someone even brought the idea to me when I was serving in Ondo, lol. For me to pretend to be married to one guy and we travel as husband and wife. The lady they wanted to use had already travelled, so they needed a new lady, me, lol. A guy I have never met before, what will I be doing in America with a stranger, lol. I aint that desperate. The woman was freaking shocked when I turned down her offer politely. Anyways, you should know why this story I read on Davina Diaries rubbed off the wrong way.

Arrangee marriages and its consequences, for the papers

See below…

Dear Davina,

Thanks so much for your column and your advice. It’s really refreshing to read your 2 cents on the various matters you address.

Hmmmmmmm I don’t know how I am going to say this but I really need advice.

My fiancee and I had been engaged here for a while, waiting for enough money to marry and settle. Some time last year, my friends introduced me to this guy (let’s call him Dayo). Dayo is a British citizen and he charged us some money for an arranged marriage between the two of us.

My fiancee and I put the money together and paid him for this arrangee marriage. The agreement was that after I got my papers, we’ll divorce so I could re-marry and bring my fiance to the UK.

Everything went on well and I have been in the UK for almost 6 months. In the beginning, everything was fine. I would only spend some time with Dayo to have some appearance of marriage but most times I would spend time with my friends. I got a nice job and things were going well.

Recently, Dayo started to threaten that he wants full marriage rights. He wants to sleep with me and all. He threatened that I must not tell anyone or he would report and I would be deported.

I have tried everything to persuade him but he has increased his pressure. I am now at a cross road as to what to do. He says no one would know and it would be just between him and I.

It took so much to raise the money he asked for ( £12000). We had to sell my car, our life savings and all. It would be tough coming back to Nigeria.

He has given me an ultimatum… (read the complete story here)

What’s your take on Arrangee Marriages, and what would you do if you find yourself in such a situation?

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