Fashion Bomb Daily: Brandy Opens Up About Womanhood, Motherhood As She Covers Fashion Bomb Daily


In honour of International Women’s Day, famous singer Brandy covers March 2017 issue of fashion bomb daily as she talks about womanhood, motherhood, and the definition of a strong woman. The singer, actress, and producer has been through quite a few challenges in her career, from growing up in the spotlight to most recently suing her record label.

She offered, “[The Definition of a Strong Woman is] when you can hold your ground and you can be firm about your life and the things that you want and the things that you deserve; [It’s when you know] what you’re worth and how you value yourself. Having that kind of poise and having that kind of strength. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to find my own strength because it hasn’t always been like this. I’m thankful that I’m very very strong. I wouldn’t lose that for the world.”



She continues, “[I’ve been through so many] challenges, so many different ups and downs. [I’ve been able] to see I am more powerful than my circumstance. While the circumstance is still gone because you have overcome it, you are the one that is still there. When you look back with your hindsight, you can see that, ‘This is what I’ve Come Through? I’m a Beast, I’m Amazing. I can beat anything.’ I think over time, it’s a gradual build of your strength and your muscles.”



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