Father Takes His Son To Disneyland. . . Then Kills The Boy . . . To ‘Spite’ His Babys Mother!!

A California man is being charged with the UNTHINKABLE CRIME of murdering his son to “spite” his baby’s mother. Police say that Aramazd Andressian Jr. murdered his 5-year-old son shortly after taking the boy to a trip to Disneyland.
Los Angeles DisDistricttorney Jackie Lacey told the Media, “I am confident the evidence proves Mr. Andressian committed this horrible crime.”
The heinous crime was first brought to light when police found Aramazd passed out in his car outside of Los Angeles back in April. The boy was missing, and the father was deemed a person of interest in the boy’s disappearance.

When police found Aramazd, he allegedly had taken prescription pills and doused himself in gasoline – clearly attempting to take his own life.
Police believe that Aramazd killed his son because he was locked in a bitter divorce/custody battle with his ex-wife.

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