Female Smurf Removed From Billboard In Religious Israeli City


Promotional billboards for the new movie Smurfs: The Lost Village were unveiled across Israel on Sunday, but in one Israeli city the images have been tweaked to exclude Smurfette, the lone female of the bunch.

The ultra Orthodox Bnei Brak region of Tel Aviv erased all images of Smurfette, because Jewish men are forbidden to look at images of women which apparently includes miniature fictional, cartoons.

Ultra-religious Jewish males are forbidden to look upon images of women, and in Israel’s most devout communities, depictions of women are routinely cropped out of newspapers, catalogues and advertisements.

During the U.S. presidential election, religious news sites in Israel ran coverage without any images of Hillary Clinton. Earlier this year, the local arm of Swedish furniture giant IKEA came under fire from some Israelis for distributing a special version of its catalogue with only men and boys in its photos of pre-fab kitchens and dining rooms.

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