Frankie Grande Shuts Kanye West Up

Frankie Grande has come out to say that Kanye West is just is looking for attention from Pete Davidson. He said, “telling us the nasty rumors  about my sister and Mac Miller are a bunch of bull”.

According to TMZ news, Frankie also says he has never heard this to be true and chalks it up to Kanye West looking to stir the pot now that Pete is dating his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian.

Should we all just beg kim to accept Kanye back?

Frankie Grande has said, this rumor is nasty. He went on to say, he does not pay too much attention to what Kanye says and he wished Kanye, Pete and Kim nothing but the best. Do you think Frankie just took the high road? Because Kanye will sure not soak this in.

Frankie has gone further to say that he would never spread rumors about someone or insert himself in someone else’s business. While he hopes folks like Kanye follow his lead, he doesn’t want to control anyone.

Although, Frankie knows Pete from when the ‘SNL’ star was engaged to Ariana reasons why he says doesn’t buy the narrative Pete is with Kim for clout.

With all this happenings, it is okay to say that Kanye is still in love with his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian and he is on a journey to winning her back.

We wish him a safe trip.

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