GoFundMe Started For Maurice Creek Stuck In Ukraine

Maurice Creek is reportedly stuck in Ukraine amid Russian invasion. Who would have thought that you love for what you do is going to get you stuck in the middle of a war?

Creek, who is from Anxon Hill and a native of Maryland, has been playing basketball professionally in the Ukrainian Basketball SuperLeague since 2019.

In his interview with 7News, Maurice Creek told a reporter that he and his family were was terrified.

He said that, “My mother is crying every day, my father is worried sick, my brothers are calling me nonstop every day.”

According to Creek, it looks like he is stranded in his apartment in the city of Mykolaiv, and his only place of refuge is an adjacent bomb shelter that he frequents when explosions intensify outside of his apartment.

Creek also said that that the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine is closed and he’s been trying to figure out an exit strategy with his parents and his agent.

According to Maurice Creek, his team is trying to find him a car so he can drive to the border of Moldova, which is about 4 hours away.

Although, Creek has been communicating with his family mostly via text. it has indeed been a real struggle for his family.

His mom said that “He texted me just the other day and the text just said, ‘Mom, I love you,’ and I lost it.”

I’ve been trying to hold it together for him, for his siblings, for my husband, just for everybody. I look at pictures around the house or things that remind me of him and I just find myself breaking down, crying.”

Prior to this time, MauriceCreek had expressed to his basketball team MBC MYKOLAIV that he wanted to leave before the Russian invasion, but they ignored the conflict and even threatened not to pay him if he left, so he stayed.

Hmmm…, a GoFundMe page has been started by Maurice’s family. This they hope will raise enough money to help get him evacuated so they can see him return home safely.

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