Gunman Opens Fire During Pool Party Leaving One Dead And Several Injured 

On Sunday, a man with a gun in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other opened fire during a birthday pool party in a San Diego apartment complex, just before police shot and killed him. 

A witness in the area told reporters that he saw the gunman, Who has been identified as  Peter Selis, 49, “sitting, you drinking a beer in one hand with the gun out in the other,” near the pool area prior to the incident that left one dead and several injured. 

Authorities arrived on the scene and confronted the gunman, who opened fire on the officials before they fired back and killed him. 

According to reports, seven party-goers were injured, many of which were left in critical condition, while one female victim died later that night. Six of the seven victims were black and the gunman was White, however, officials are yet to determine the motive or classify the shooting as a hate crime. 

During a news conference, the city’s mayor Kevin Falconer, you described the shooting as “a horrific act of violence,” noting the rapid response by officials. 

“I can’t say enough about the emergency response and our first responders,” he said. 

“I also can’t say enough about our officers who responded on site today whose professionalism, whose quick action, clearly avoided further bloodshed.”

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