Heather McDonald, Comedian, Collapsed On Stage

Heather McDonald shocked her fans when she collapsed, fracturing her skull, during a comedy routine three weeks after getting her third mRNA vaccine.

It happened that McDonald was performing in front of a sold-out audience during a comedy show in Tempe, Arizona, when she suddenly fell flat on her back.

This made the crowd laughed, believing her sudden loss of consciousness was part of the show. Prior to that time, McDonald had just joked that she was “double-vaxxed, boostered,” before claiming Jesus loves her the most.

51-year-old McDonald, was briefly hospitalized with a concussion after her medical scare.

In a recent interview with Dr. Drew, Heather McDonald confirmed she was triple vaccinated, having received her third mRNA dose just three weeks before she collapsed.

She had asked Dr. Drew about the adverse effects and when they happen, to which he replied, “two to three weeks.” She then said she was not getting the 4th mRNA booster shot.

Heather McDonald is best known as a writer for Chelsea Lately and her popular podcast “Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald.”

We wish her all the recovery she needs as we bring you more updates.

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