Heaven Nettles, 15 Year Old, Killed Waiting for Food

Heaven Nettles, who is a 15-year-old girl, from Houston, visiting New Orleans has been killed. She was shot and killed while waiting in line at a food truck.

So it happened that Heaven Nettles and her family were waiting in line for grilled oysters (a food truck) before heading to the Endymion parade.

According to reports from Nola.com, she was caught in a crossfire as a gunman opened fire on two men standing in the same line with her on Saturday at about 7:00p.m.

Heaven Nettles was shot in the head and died at a local hospital. Missed Target you say right? So sad.

Although, she wasn’t the only one affected. Two other men (Donald Roberts Jr. 39 and Marvin Pepp, 56 ) were also pronounced dead at the scene.

Jamal Briscoe who is here father had said that “She’s supposed to be in school today, now what do I tell her school? Her friends? we were just going to be in New Orleans for the weekend.”

He went further to say that Heaven and the rest of the family were eager to attend Carnival with a Native at New Orleans because the parades were cancelled the last two years due to the pandemic.

Recently they lost their Mommy and they were still trying to get over her death.

More updates to come.

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