Full Story Of What Happened To 19 Year Old Kenneka Jenkins, Who Was Found Dead In A Freezer At Chicago Hotel 

19-year-old Chicago teenager Kenneka Jenkins, was found dead in a walk-in freezer at the Rosemont Hotel on Sunday, one day after she was reported missing after attending a party with friends at the hotel.
Fameolous Source:

According to Investigations by FameolousKenneka was being raped in the hotel room and her friends knew it was happening.
Most of the evidence is in one of the girl’s glasses believe it or not. It shows the men in the room and what they were wearing.
The video that shows everything and you can see in her glasses the men.

One of the people in the room should come forward immediately with information leading to her killer’s arrest.

Rest in peace Kenneka….

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0 thoughts on “Full Story Of What Happened To 19 Year Old Kenneka Jenkins, Who Was Found Dead In A Freezer At Chicago Hotel 

    1. That isn’t what’s important at the moment. What’s important right now is that a young lady was raped and killed trying to find the pervs who did it

      1. Her and her friend left out the room even tho she didn’t want but BC her best friend iggd her on to leave. They end up separating when leaving the room while her friend getting fucked she’s getting rapped and murdered witch her friend that was fucking knew nothing about at the time. That’s what really happened. She didn’t get rapped in the hotel room for sure

  1. Clearly they are young and then pay attention to their surroundings. Yall blaming the wrong people. I didn’t see all yall claims to have seen. Things got out of hand. The men are the ones to blame put the heat on them. I agree that the young lady should come forward but what if she couldn’t yall dont know whats on her mind or in her heart.

    1. I agree, too many stories. I pray that she was not raped or killed. I prefer this to be a freak accident. I hope that these friends learn from this. Stop freaking getting high and do productive things with their lives. Life is short and it seems shorter for our youth.

  2. I didnt see that girl in the video not one time those kids are afraid they know what happened but probably too scared to speak up because of this no snitching bull crap somebody could’ve wiped off the finger prints on the freezer it’s alot to the story

  3. They should all go to jail. If they were her friends, they would have stopped her from being taken advantage of, especially if she was drunk.

    1. First of my condolence goes out to her mother and family!!! I believe they should arrest everybody at that party trust and believe somebody would come forward once they in jail and get interrogated and know they not getting out its a shame what happen too her the girl in the video should be the arrested and charged with at least Conspiracy I just hope someone comes forward may God help her mother find whom did this too her my heart goes out to her!! God don’t like ugly whomever did this he will get u trust me

  4. This is what happens at none permitted party’s underage drinking wild sex and drugs it’s very sad what do you really get out of perhaps 30 mins or less of a filling because you just scored but your life of looking over your shoulders has just begun.

  5. LIES…. LIES… LIES… LIES… THE HOTEL STAFF… OWNER KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED AND THEY NEED TO BE SHUT THE FUCK DOWN… THEY KNOW!!!! Were reserving her dead body in the fuckin freezer ?????

  6. These people tripen if that not putting them kids in jail I seen people in there with her every video that showed had somebody in it

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