Indian Model ‘Risila Binte’ Hangs Herself During Video Call With Her Husband

A young model and mother-of-one killed herself during a WhatsApp video call with her husband.
Risila Binte, 22, killed herself on Monday while her four-year-old daughter was away at her grandparents’ house. 

Her husband quickly alerted her family and they arrived at her home at 2 p.m. on the same day to find her hanging in her room, unresponsive. The fashion model was taken to a hospital in Dhaka, Bangladeshi but was pronounced dead on arrival. 
At the time of her death, Binte was a student at Atish Dipankar University working towards a degree in English Literature. A post-mortem examination is being carried out to find out the exact circumstances of her death. 

Though the specific reason for the suicide is still unknown, it is believed Risila was suffering problems with her marriage, police told the India Times.

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