Inmates Escape From Their Cells Using Peanut Butter!

11 out of 12 inmates from the Walker County Jail in Jasper, Alabama have been captured after they escaped from the jail by using a jar of peanut butter. A new guard had been on duty and the inmates were able to trick him into opening their cell for them. Sheriff James Underwood explained to reporters just how they were able to pull it off!

“They changed the number over the door with peanut butter,” he said. Next, “they hollered, ‘Hey, open door’ so-and-so,” but the men gave the guard the number to the door leading outside of the jail instead of the door to their cell. “And unknowingly to him, he hit that lock and out the door they went,” Underwood told reporters.
After about 8 hours, 11 of the 12 men were found and the last one still remains at large. Underwood says that “escapes happen,” but vows not to let it happen again. “You’ve got to stay on your toes. This is one time we slipped up. I’m not going to make any excuses,” he told reporters.

There is a $500 reward for information leading to the capture of the last inmate.

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