Iran Arrests 8 Instagram Models And accuses Kim Kardashian Of Being A Secret Agent For Instagram Because Of Her Nude Selfies

Yes… you read that right.

The Iranian government actually arrested 8 Instagram ladies and made them face public humiliation.

Their Crime: they posted fabulous pictures of themselves on Instagram without using their headscarves. Yeah, just that.

Pictures of the IG ladies below (Very nice looking by the way)

Those arrested included famous beauty, Elham Arab


Pictured, Elnaz Golrokh,  a professional makeup artist who has 638,000 followers




Police have arrested eight models in a new crackdown targeting 'un-Islamic acts' such as women exposing their hair online Prosecutor Babaei said an investigation found 20 per cent of the  Instagram feed in Iran is run by the modelling circle (pictured, Elnaz Golrokh)

Prosecutor Javad Babaei accused models of ‘making and spreading immoral and un-Islamic culture and promiscuity’ during an address on state television. The funniest aspect is that they are accusing Kim Kardashian of being a secret agent of being a secret agent for Instagram that’s working to corrupt the girls and women of the country.

kim kardashian naked selfie piers morgan

“Ms. Kim Kardashian is a serious fashion model and Instagram’s CEO tells her, ‘make this native’ [in Iran],” says cybercrimes unit spokesperson Mostafa Alizadeh. “There is no doubt that financial support is involved as well. We are taking this seriously.”

Lmao! Iran is the original fashion police.

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