It Was God Ordained And I Also Dreamt I’d Become Rich By Doing It – Man Who Raped 7-Month-Old Baby


Magaji Dansale, yesterday confessed to raping his seven-month-old stepdaughter, describing it as “regrettable and an act of the devil”. Paraded at the Katsina Police Command headquarters yesterday, he said his action was uncalled for, and pleaded for leniency.

Dansale said he violated the baby girl because of his desperation to become rich in life. The father of six said in Hausa, “I had sexual intercourse with the baby girl because I saw it in several dreams I had that it was the way for me to become successful in life.

I dreamt that all my suffering in life would end. This is why I did it. I truly believed that if I had sexual intercourse with her, all my predicaments would vanish. I would not have to run around to make ends meet anymore. It was just ordained by God that such would happen to me and it happened.”

Dansale said he married the mother of the baby girl following the death of his first wife who had six children for him.. When asked why he chose the step daughter instead of his biological daughter, Dansale said, “She is also my child, I just don’t know how it happened. I regret my action and want to plead for leniency.”

The girl’s mother, 25-year-old Zinnai Muntari, said when she woke up for the morning prayers and saw blood on the private part of the baby, her husband asked her to bring the child and after observing her, said it was pile and hurried out to bring some herbs to use on her.I

As a mother, I felt this was unusual and reached out for help at the General Hospital Malumfashi where the doctor confirmed it was a forceful entry that tore the vagina up to the anus. They later referred us to the Umar Turai Children and Maternity Hospital in Katsina,” she said.

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