Jesse Williams And Minka Kelly Seems To Be So Much In Love-They Feel Fate Brought Them Together 

Jesse Williams and his new lady are reportedly so happy together that they feel like ‘fate’ brought them together. Oh! Really!  
Despite the reports that the Grey’s Anatomy actor was seeing Minka Kelly a year before filing divorce, fresh details of the love birds have emerged.  

It seems their chemistry is top notch. They were spotted together in Paris, looking like a couple.

A source close to the actress explains:

“The’re very happy. They’ve got a lot in common and have a major chemistry.”

That was pretty clear to an eyewitness who saw the pair walking hand in hand on March 7 in Paris, where they’ve been working.

The eyewitness recalls:

“They were kissing and hugging, it seemed like the couple had just come from a date at the Louvre because Minka, who is 36-year-old was carrying a bag with the museum’s logo on it.

A source also Emphazies that while Jesse is still legally married married to Aryn-Drake-Lee, he was ‘single’when he met Minka because he’d been separated for over a year.

Not just that, the hot couple reportedly feel like ‘fate’ brought them together. 

“Jesse was single when his romance began with Minka. The timing was right. They feel like fate brought them together.” The source insists. 

But really he’s still legally married whether he has been separated for over a year or not. Technically speaking, he’s not a single man. 

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