Jim Jones Ignored at Gucci Store; He Claps Back

Jim Jones (Dipset capo) and his crew patronized a Gucci store, but unfortunately they were ignored by the in-store team and its management. 

According to The Source, Jones was getting the run-around when he asked to speak to a manager after wanting to flex a bag on social media.

On his Instagram, Jim Jones shared in details his experience. He said that he and his entourage were taken to the VIP area but after almost two hours no one came to help. He complained that they were not offered any amenities that came with being in the VIP, and when they asked upper management to assist, a Black man was sent to them but even they weren’t helpful to the matter.

“We were ready to drop a big bag,” Jones said, adding that they were ready to spend $29,000 and more at the store, but still no one would attend to them.

“And just like that s**t went bad in gucci I was more hurt that the Black people were treating us like that more than anything,” he added in the caption. “Very racy and all we wanted was some sparkling water cause I was parched to have been shopping for a long time. I’m usually drunk by the time I leave stores like this cause they be serving that champagne, smh”.

“This man literally spent over 100k in there in [the] last 3 months and this is how they handle him nasty,” Jones continued. “I told him leave that s**t on the counter we out Gucci be movin dusty Lol S**t is hilarious[,] it never stops.”

The summary of this gist is that, you are in for some deep stuff if you ignore Jim Jones.

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