Karabo Mokoena Was Burnt Alive By Her Ex-Boyfriend 

This is sad. A love relationship gone sour. She was declared missing on the 28th of April but was found dead few days later. This happened in South Africa.

The identity of her boyfriend is yet to be revealed. More mysteries to unfold with time…

Niyola posted this on IG. She was actually friends with Karabo. 

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7 thoughts on “Karabo Mokoena Was Burnt Alive By Her Ex-Boyfriend 

  1. Its mostly during situations like these where we get to a question so left handed……. Where is God?

  2. i say let’s find this guy and burn him.. he deserves nothing less than a painful death. he just killed a potential presidential candidate of this country. Karabo Mokoena was ambitious and smarter than most pretty girls and she had the vision to not let fear rule her ways of thinking which inspired alot of us to reach for our goals and then this idiot Burns her alive….. he Burnt her!!! If we let this go as South Africans we’ll be Looked upon as weak by the whole world. Lets Find him and Slaughter Him!!

    oparation= Find Him and Kill him

    lets show these killers that we dont take such behaviour lightly

  3. How would you even think of killing such a beautiful girl.how would u put to waste such beauty.so sad. my dear girl were ever you are have a safe journey. M.Y.S.R.I.P

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