Kate Beckinsale Files Police Report After ‘Overzealous Fan’ Booted…At Tampa Bay Comin Con

Kate Beckinsale postponed an appearance at Tampa Bay Comic Con after an incident with an “overzealous fan” … which resulted in the guy being booted and her filing a police report.
A spokesperson for Tampa Bay Comic Con says, Kate was set to speak Saturday morning on a Q&A panel at the Tampa Convention Center, but had to have her appearance pushed to 6 PM — to give her time to file the report over the fan in question. 
The man was escorted from the building, but it’s unclear what exactly happened. It’s also unclear as of now whether the man was arrested or not. 
Whatever happened … Kate was left OK enough to return to the same event. We’re told she knocked it out and left without incident. Looks like she also met some fans and signed autographs. 


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