Keke Palmer Talks On Her Fashion Style With Essence


Keke Palmer’s style has really been top notched. She’s been dazzling in her different outfits and style. Never afraid to speak out, express herself and stand in her truth, Palmer has made a point of turning the streets into her own personal runway and we’re loving it!

The 23-year-old actress is at a point where she’s really able to experiment with her style and how it tells the story of who she is. And if being able to make headlines for playing a game of real-life dress up isn’t enough, Keke’s collaboration with Shoe Dazzle is just another example of her impressive fashion chops.

Her recent talk with Essence shed more light into her wardrobe sense.


On embracing her personal style:

Now I’m stepping into kind of this different zone. I’m putting a lot of emphasis on my fashion just because of my personal growth and just my interest in it. I find it very fun and interesting. I mean it’s a different chapter in my life. And I think I’m at a place right now where I’m really just so happy to be my true and full self. Working as a kid entertainer and then working with so many different brands, I always had to kind of fit into everybody else’s mold of me, so now it’s just about me just having fun and being me and expressing that. It’s really cool to see how people respond to that positive or negative.

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On Her Shoe Dazzle Line:

At Shoe Dazzle we pride ourselves on being able to give the girls everything that they’re looking for and want in an efficient and affordable way. So you’re going to be able to see all the latest trends, also our add-ons to what is hot and how we’re interpreting what the girls are looking at and how we can make it newer and fresher, but it’s curated just specifically for them.

On What Shoes She’d Wear to Step on the Haters of the World:

A classic pump. A classic high pump, baby – so damn high.


Her Advice for Women Everywhere:

Always be your number one fan. Always, always, always treat you better than everyone. Always hold how you feel about yourself higher than anybody else, so when people treat you badly you don’t take the blame. You wouldn’t let your friend take the blame over something they have no control over, so don’t you let yourself take the blame for something you have no control over. If you’re down, get up, do your hair and makeup go out and have fun because if your homegirl was down you would take her out for ice cream and do something fun with her. So really just have your own back, like literally love yourself the most.

On Switching up Your Style:

You can be any girl on any day of the week. Especially with the Shoe Dazzle collection, you can definitely be any girl any day of the week and have the perfect balance. Whether it’s a high heel or a boot or whatever it is I think it’s all you expressing your own rules. People have to know that style is not about being what everyone wants you to be. It’s about you being who you are. You don’t don’t go to your business meeting the same way your homegirl Jessica does. You don’t go to the mall the same way that you home girl Titi does. Don’t do what everybody else does. Do what you do.

Credit: Essence Mag

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