Kenneka Jenkins Martin Supposed Best Friend, Monifah Shelton Threatens To Kill Herself After Backlash From Facebook

The Kenneka Jenkins story is getting national awareness and everyone on Facebook is investigating her death and trying to piece everything together. Fingers having been pointing at her friends and especially her best friend Monifah Shelton



Facebook users are really going hard after Monifah Shelton who has been posting on Facebook and Instagram, threatening to kill herself due to the harassments she has been getting. This situation is fast getting out of hand and I am really scared those friends would do something crazy to themselves. Where is the Police in all of this, can someone just monitor Monifah so she doesn’t do something stupid?




We need #Justice4Kenneka and we need Monifah and her other friends alive so they can face the full law and rot in prison if found guilty. No easy way out!

This is too sad! Where is our humanity?

RIP Kenneka! Sleep peacefully angel!

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0 thoughts on “Kenneka Jenkins Martin Supposed Best Friend, Monifah Shelton Threatens To Kill Herself After Backlash From Facebook

    1. first of all …. they wasn’t even started partying at 11p. So how that video was 11p? 2ndly, at first the hotel wasn’t given up surveillance and then hours later one clip is found? You do comprehend there’s technology able to edit time, right ? Things dnt add up and everyone in the room is an accomplice and needs to be locked up.

      1. TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! ???????????????????? add me on Facebook (teampetty cravenoski) I have
        Been following the story ITS SAD AF

  1. It’s crazy that all these hoes who came to this party has not came out and told the truth this is the very reason why I tell my children they don’t have any friends and the need to keep the guards up and suspect everyone for everything until the truth is found out. To much shady business these days.

      1. F%#! You and the maury show and I’m not your sweetheart dont end up like kenneka i can make it happen to you #banggang Louisiana

    1. MsLouisiana. .you should be ashamed of the attitude and threats youre giving here…acting a total fool. This is what is wrong with these young kids today. .and I bet she/she did not grow up with a dad in the home either

  2. I am completely wrapped up in this story!! Justice for this young lady and her family ?
    Another life taken too soon ?

    1. What is wrong with you? You have very little facts about this young woman’s tragic death and your first reaction is to advocate for another young lady to die?? Solid logic………..

  3. If you kill yourself it’s not going to change that you are going to hell.. I don’t see how you liked her she looked so much better then you and it bothered you which is understandable but you should have keep it in and not been friends because you have never been a true friend and if you kill yourself and not let this young womans mother know what happen to her baby because you wanted 200 dollars like tell the truth then due it wouldn’t matter but in the name of Jesus give her peace please

  4. I Dont Understand Why TF Yall Stupid Ass People Keep Talking About Some Damn $200!! That $200 they discussed had Nothing to do with them, It had to with the damn Hotel! It was a fine for parking without a hotel parking ticket or something! Damn yall sound so stupid! And everybody need to stop PRETENDING They Were There and know Shit about this case or what happened to this girl or anything like that. Something fucked up is going on at that hotel thats ?? And I hope they figure it out and shut that shit down!! How TF the security footage get Edited? And How TF did this girl get into the basement to an area that was under construction and get inside an Unused Freezer without Anybody seeing her????

    1. This is the smartest comment I’ve read yet.clearly in the videos it shows how messed up she was so it’s really questionable as to how she was even able to get where she ended up at alone.

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