Kenneka Jenkins Martin Update: Police Has 12 People On Its List … Examine Hotel Feeds And Videos

Investigations continues into the disturbing death of Kenneka Jenkins on Sept. 10. As we previously reported, the 19-year-old’s body was found in a walk-in freezer at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The discovery occurred over 24 hours after she arrived at the location for a party. A Facebook LIVE video was recorded at the gathering, which law enforcement has been carefully scrutinizing in order to determine who was also at the party and, based on a new press release, they have located a dozen individuals who might be able to provide some answers.

“As of this release, we have located and interviewed twelve (12) persons who were involved in some way,” Police Chief Donald E. Stephens IIIwrites in a new statement. “Eight (8) of those people interviewed were present the night/morning of the hotel gathering. Additionally, we have positively identified four (4) others who were present the night of the gathering and are working to locate and interview them. As interviews continue, the names and whereabouts of more people present that night are being discovered.”

Stephens went on to add that, besides the footage of the party, they are also closely examining the hotel camera feeds in order to unravel this troubling mystery. “The Rosemont Public Safety Department is currently reviewing and analyzing all social media content and videos along with surveillance video from the Crowne Plaza Hotel. A total of forty-seven (47) hotel cameras are currently being analyzed by our investigators.”

Fingers crossed!


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  1. I hope that she wasnt raped. That truly bothers me. Even if she walked in their herself. I lost a child. And o also have a 19 year old daughter. I pray that everything to do with this case is revealed, for her family.

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