Kenneka Jenkins Update: The Case So Far

September 2017, 19 year old Kenneka Jenkins attended a friends party with some friends and ended up dead in a freezer at  Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. After the investigations, the police department ruled the Kenneka Jenkins case an accident stating she died of hypothermia

Kenneka Jenkins

What has been happening since then?

It seems, people are still investigating the case on their own, because they do not believe the verdict and they believe she was killed, although there was a video that came out in 2017, showing Kenneka walking in to the freezer herself, however, how she got locked in and why she was barefoot with a scratch on her foot, we probably will never know.

In 2018, Kenneka Jenkins’ family attorney filed a $50 million lawsuit case against Crowne Plaza and others involved, showing evidence that the freezer had a lock button on the outside, so someone must have locked in and let her freeze to death

Some of her friends like Monifah Shelton, were interrogated by the police in 2017, but they were let go as nothing tied them to her friend’s death. it has been over 5 years since 19 year old Kenneka Jenkins died and her friends and family still want closure.

Some tweets on the case

Here is hoping for closure for her family. Keep resting, princess

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