Kenya Moore’s Ex Matt Jordan Claims A “Little Singer Guy” Was Hooking Her Up With Married Nigerian Men


Matt Jordan, an ex boyfriend of Real Housewives of Atlanta Star, Kenya Moore took to Instagram today to call out the former Miss USA star after he filmed a season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta show without getting paid because he did not sign a contract.


He also talked about the “Africans (she) was selling (her) body to in Nigeria”. He has since deleted the post.


In response to a screenshot of his post where he mentioned selling her body to Nigerian men, Matt added:

Don’t mistake what I’m trying to say the only reason why she was f****** them is because they have money and they pay for her p***y

She was a part of but escort ring in Africa and Europe with a fly in woman from the US so they can f*** him King it was one of the top girls her little friend the little singer guy is the one who set it up.

Really? And who is this little singer if I may ask?

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