Kenyan Woman On Spotlight For Mistakenly Posting A Sexually Explicit Message On WhatsApp Prayer Group

A Kenyan woman has been ridiculed for mistakenly posting a sexually explicit message on her WhatsApp prayer group.

The woman, first name Jacinta, shocked members of the ‘Novena prayer group’ with her post that stated she was recruiting members for live group sex to be performed in front of a couple at a house party.

The post indicated that the performer will be paid Sh5000 and shared the telephone number of a contact person.

“Looking for 5 guys who are comfortable having live sex in frontof a couple, payment is 5k. Its more of a house party, interested parties should inbox this number *********
latest 9am.”

One group member, irked by the post, asked fellow members to notify the lady that her requests did not correspond with the group.
“Someone please call this lady…am not in a position to have this kind of a conversation,”

On realizing her mistake, Jacinta quickly apologized for her post and urged the members to pray for the country.

Hey sorry group members this was wrong post plz. It was posted wrongly am sorry but let’s pray for our country plz. Please please am so sorry please.

Her regrets, however, did not deter group members from sharing screenshots of the WhatsApp chat on social media.

Oh! No!

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