'Knife Thug' Ralston Dodd, Sentenced To Nine Years In Jail Walks Free After Court Staff Write Nine Months By Mistake

Ralston Dodd, 25, was locked up last year after he almost killed Jerrell Holland by stabbing him in the back three time.
But stunned Jerrell spotted Dodd in North London just weeks ago. An arrest warrant was issued after the court error was revealed — but Dodd has now gone into hiding.
Jerrell’s dad Alex said: “How can this happen?”
Friends of the knife thug say he thought he had won the lottery when a court blunder freed him after a few months.
Ralston Dodd, 25, known as Ratty, stabbed Jerrell Holland three times in the back and punctured his lung after a row.
He was handed the stiff sentence for GBH in November for what was described as an “appalling act of violence that nearly cost a man his life”.
But it is believed crown court staff misheard the judge’s sentence and mistakenly filled out prison forms for a nine-month jail term instead.
It meant prison staff wrongly put Dodd back on the streets within months of him being sent down.

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