Kodak Black pens note to woman expecting his baby

Kodak Black has penned a funny note to woman expecting his baby. He said he was a little upset because he wanted her to have a boy and not a girl like his other baby mama.

He made this comment after his baby’s gender reveal party. Kodak, who had welcomed a baby girl in January, 2022 with another woman, announced he is expecting another baby soon.

On Thursday, 24th February, both parents and their friends discovered the baby they are expecting is a girl.
Kodak Black made a post on Instagram after the party that he was disappointed when the pink smoke came out, revealing they are having another girl.

However, he said he would love all his children the same. Although, Kodak has a son and a daughter,with expectations of his second daughter soon.

Before the gender reveal party Kodak Black had said publicly that if new baby mama is carrying a boy, he would be her boyfriend but if it’s a girl, he will be her baby daddy.

Funny right? He even said this on an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, which aired on Wednesday,  23rd February,2022. Imagine his baby mama listening and laughing at him. LoL

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