Kodak Black says Men Don’t Need an Everyday Bath

Kodak Black has shared his believes and he said that men don’t have to bathe every day. However, women have to shower multiple times a day.

Kodak believe’s that men and women have different measures when it comes to body hygiene. In an interview with Atlanta’s 105.3 The Beat, hygiene as a topic was brought up. The female host, Jo Jo Alonso was of the opinion that some men don’t take their hygiene seriously and they smell terribly.

Kodak Black responded when she gave her opinion that it’s not mandatory for men to bathe on a daily basis. He said, “Niggas, we can rock. We ain’t even got to hop in the sprayer every day for real and he said again “We aint really got to hop in the sprayer for real like that.”

Again, Alonso also is of the opinion men that men have body odor which needs to be handled with immediate effect.

Ain’t you wondering why this is even a debate?

Kodak Black still insisted on what he has said as he repaeated his words over and over again that men don’t have to bathe daily but women has to do that multiple times. He also said; “But [women], y’all gotta hop in that bitch every day and “Soon after we [have sex] all kinds of shit and before.”

Should we tell Kodak Black or let it slide? what do you think?

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