Kodak Black shot in the leg at Biber’s after party.

Kodak Black has been shot in the leg at Jutstin Biber’s after party. So here is a rundown gist of what happened according to TMZ news.

From Kodak’s POV, and according to people in his camp, he was in town for SB weekend and other related business activities. Attending Justin Bieber’s party with no issues. But, it became an issue when Kodak Black stepped out.

TMZ says upon exiting, somebody in Kodak’s crew got jumped by an unidentified assailant, Kodak threw himself in the mix to help his crew member out, apparently swinging on the person in effort to do so. That’s when a gunman opened fire.

Although, unclear if it was the same person who had initially tried attacking Kodak Black’s crew member, or if it was a different person entirely.

Kodak Black was hit in the leg and was immediately taken to a hospital and listed in stable condition . We believe he’s going to be okay.

A new angle has also surfaced of the shooting last night, and it shows a mad scramble after multiple shots rang out. There also appears to be new evidence of at least one person with a gun. In the footage according to TMZ, you can see a guy wearing black who seems to be holding what appears to be a pistol.

It’s unclear if he fired any shots himself, or who he may have been with but, the cops are investigating.

The police, has sent out an update on Saturday, relaying that 4 people had actually been shot as opposed to 3 , and that they have a description of a suspect but, no arrests just yet.

Stay tuned as we bring more updates.

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