Las Vegas Shooter ‘Stephen Paddock’ Brother Want By Cop

Stephen Paddock the man responsible for Las Vegas Sunday Mass murder, has a younger brother who has a warrant out for his arrest, albeit for something far less menacing. 
According to TMZ 

“57-year-old Bruce Paddock is wanted in L.A. County, according to docs, and it stems from one of his laundry list of violations. Paddock was busted for vandalism in 2014 — he jacked up a moving company’s property.

Paddock pled no contest and got 150 hours of community service, but kept trying to get it reduced. When he no-show’d for a 2016 court date, the judge issued the bench warrant.

Bruce has a long rap sheet, including arrests for arson, burglary and criminal threats. The vandalism is a misdemeanor, so it’s unlikely cops are actively seeking him.

Still, a routine traffic stop could land his ass in jail.

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