Libs Of ORC: She Isn’t Allowed To Have A SideBoo, But I Can

Last weekend, I decided to hangout with some of my old secondary school friends and catch up with each other. Its been over 9 years and we really wanted to meet up and just gist.


So 5 of us met up at a park, 4 ladies and a guy and we started discussing, from life after school to careers and finally someone asked

So Tega, when are you getting married? lol

I actually knew that question will come up, it always does, from my parents, to my pastor, to my old friends from camp to the woman who sells provision down the road, who keeps telling me that her throat is dry and I should hurry up, whatever that means, lol. The cry has even gotten more since I rounded up my Masters.
And I am like, “oh very soon, by God’s grace”, I mean we have to claim it right. And the ‘Mhmmms’ went round.
The question went round everybody till it reached the guy’s turn and we were like “who is your girlfriend now?” only for him to go into one ambiguous rant about not being ready, he could get one tomorrow blah blah blah.
Then he told us a story about a girl he dated and really liked and was very serious with only to find out that she was meeting guys in hotel rooms and after that he broke up. One of the ladies asked a simple question

Were you exclusive with only her or did you have sidepieces?

And he ermmmed and urrmmmed throughout. He was like a man will always have a sidepiece to which we ladies said “not all guys” 😉


My point here is that, he was cheating steady and there wasn’t any issue, but just once, he saw a message on her phone which indicated the lady was going to see another guy in a hotel and he broke up.
What kind of double standard is that?
If you can’t take then don’t give it. Its not as if we ladies don’t catch some random feelings for other guys when we are in a relationship, but there is something called ‘Self Control’. This wonderful thing called SEX is not all there is to life, and if you can’t be faithful before marriage, then how do you intend to be when you tie the knot?

                        Libs Of ORC

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