Male Students Turn Up At Devon School, Dressed In Skirts 

Teenage boys have turned up at a Devon school this morning dressed in skirts in protest at strict uniform codes which the headteacher has refused to relax.

The boys say pupils from every year group are taking part in the protest today at ISCA Academy in Exeter, with around 50 believed to be planning to wear skirts.

The move comes after the school banned boys from wearing shorts despite the hot weather. 
A small number of boys started the protest yesterday where one was reportedly told to change his skirt because it was too short, and another because his legs were too hairy.Today some of the older boys bought pink razors from the One Stop shop in Burnthouse Lane and shaved their legs on the way into school.
During the protest a number of the boys said they might continue wearing skirts because they were much more comfortable to wear.

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