Marlo Hampton Hosts ‘Glam It Up’ Mentoring Event For Atlanta Foster Children

An RHOA affiliate recently did some good in the hood for Atlanta youth. Unbeknownst to many, before Marlo Hampton became a fashionable #AskMarlo host/reality star, she grew up with humble beginnings in foster care.
With that in mind Marlo and the National Youth Advocate Program hosted her annual Glam It Up, Inc., event, “LESSONS, LAUGHTER, and LOVE!” at the Lake City Community Center in Lake City, GA.
The one-day mentoring program for teen girls in foster care featured make-up and spa treatments as well as life skills training, entrepreneurial and education guidance.
National Youth Advocate Program, the private, not for profit youth and family advocacy organization that currently serves youth and families in Georgia, Ohio, West Virginia, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and South Carolina, recently spoke on teaming up with Marlo.

“On behalf of NYAP, we can’t thank Marlo enough for her commitment to serving our most vulnerable youth and families in Atlanta and the greater region,” said Stacie Conliffe, Executive Director for National Youth Advocate Program, Inc.
“Her Glam IT Up event provides our youth and families with a day of fun, laughter and love which is needed by all and is so deserving. Marlo is a true leader who walks the talk. We can’t thank her enough.”

Marlo also spoke on her annual event that she looks forward to every year.
“I love spending time and bonding with the girls over our shared experience as I too was once in foster care, said Marlo. “Hopefully, I can be proof positive that the life they want is possible, despite this difficult time. I just want them to know they can live their dreams if they just believe in themselves.”

We see you out here Marlo, kudos to you for making a difference!

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